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anatomical diagram of overarching object ears

While anatomy of an object's ear varies heavily, they all share this general structure.
Population 3,012,000,000
Orbital Station Coatl
Orbital Characteristics
Day 23 hrs.
Axis Tilt 1/360th
Size 4/5ths Terra
Year 343 days
Atmosphere Habitable
Gravity 9.977 m/s²
Geography and Climate
Dominant Climate
  • tropical
  • subtropical
Equatorial Temprature 88F
Polar Temprature 75F
Equatorial Temprature 88F
Polar Temprature 75F
"mountain dew game fuel"

This responsive base template is supposed to mimic sites like Fandom, without the bloat, for personal projects. It uses a floating header that clears everything after it so it doesn't overflow onto other elements. This code uses only HTML and CSS, even for its dropdowns.

Rip the HTMLCSS from this page or get the CSS here. Credit is appreciated, but not required!

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Other Features

Here are some fun extras I wanted to include:

Part of a Series Of...

A Series Of People

person • this page • personperson

Those list boxes from wiki. To center it for use in the footer, use margin: auto in the CSS.

Header Flair

The top of this page has a header flair that uses id="flair" to place an image or unicode character ::before.